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Our two key management personnel, Sunny and Chew, has a combined experience of more than 60 years in running technical and sales operations in large corporations as well as businessmen in technical trade.

Both of them are innovators with many firsts in product development in their respective specialized field.
Sunico Technical Management System
For our outsourced partners, we value add by providing web based system of management reports, breakdown submission and database retrieval. With STMS, we provide both flexibility in handling data exchange and accuracy in reporting for our clients.
Equipment and Parts Supplier
We are also supplier of beverage, gas cylinders and accessories. We also develop and manufacture customized beverage equipment for potential clients. Some of our beverage equipment we have done is beer coolers, refrigerated coolers, carbonated fountain machine and vending machines.
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Technical Services
Marketing Maintenance
In House Maintenance
Machine Movement
Special Services
Asset Audit Services
CO2 and Mix Gas
Our mission is to value add to our strategic partners in providing national technical services within the agreed Key Performance Index (KPI) framework by both parties. Meeting the KPI translates into financial savings and also brand building for our clients.
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